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crawls back into les mis fandom after 3 months with another crappy romcom au

this is the one where a scruffy stranger slowly seduces a clueless enjolras by giving him perfectly-brewed coffee every morning he has class

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silly things:

  • jehan who will say things like “oopsie daisy!” when he breaks a bone but curses like a sailor if he gets a paper cut
  • bahorel having a youtube channel where all he does is aggresively bake cupcakes and rant about things and somehow he has like a huge following and is kind of youtube famous
  • joly who loves to garden and who has a sixth sense for wen his friends are sad, so he’ll just kind of show up at your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers with no explanation or prompting, he just knows
  • bossuet who is a master juggler, and who will often just pick things up off tables and start juggling them to amuse his friends
  • combeferre who stress-knits, and so if he’s feeling particularly stressed, he’ll just churn out like half a dozen of versions of the same hat, in varying colors of cheap yarn
  • courfeyrac who learns how to unicycle after finding a unicycle on the side of the road with a ‘FREE’ sign stuck to it, and now he just kind of will frequently ride it to classes
  • grantaire who creates animal personas for all of his friends and turn them into childrens book characters for his final one semester for one of his art classes, and gives a copy of the book to all of his friends
  • enjolras who keeps a bunch of photo booth strip photos of him and combeferre and courfeyrac pulling dorky faces in his wallet because he likes to carry around the reminder that he has people who love him in his life
  • cosette who has a charm bracelet with twelve charms on it— one for each ami, plus marius, musichetta, and eponine
  • musichetta who drops out of college, switches to cooking school, and then opens up her own restaurant as soon as she graduates— she calls it Mes Amis
  • eponine who collects silly socks, and whose favorite ones are the ones that grantaire sloppily knitted for her one christmas
  • feuilly who has a never-ending love for musicals (legally blonde is his favorite)
  • marius who accidentally acquires a rabbit names bunnicula— no one’s quite sure how it happened, all they can get out of marius is a jumbled tale including a broken washing machine, falling out of a tree, four hitchhikers, and a lack of spare change

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One would have said, to see the pensive thoughtfulness of his glance, that he had already, in some previous state of existence, traversed the revolutionary apocalypse.

One would have said, to see the pensive thoughtfulness of his glance, that he had already, in some previous state of existence, traversed the revolutionary apocalypse.

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Anonymous asked: soo i just watched a movie about yves saint laurent and i just have a lot of feelings about fashion designer!r who creates the darkest, most intricate outfits, who has trouble adjusting to his increasing fame, and (very reluctant) model!e who just got into it because it's easy money, OR because grantaire found him one day and asked him in the most not-creepy 'omg would you wear my clothes' and seriously fuck the traditional wedding dress, it's always enjolras closing the show dressed all in red


"Would you wear my clothes?" Grantaire blurts out, and he knows he’s never been the type to make good first impressions, but he thinks tackling a person down in his haste to get to them before he loses them to the crowd takes the cake. "I mean that in a completely non-creepy way."

He gets an elegantly arched eyebrow in response and oh, yes, perfect. Grantaire has found his muse, and has likely scared him off by being a creep.

"My name is R, Grantaire. I’m a fashion designer," Grantaire says, getting to his feet and offering his beautiful stranger a hand. He ignores it, gets to his feet in one smooth, graceful move that makes Grantaire want to cry. "You are gorgeous. Will you model my clothes?"

"That’s a third date sort of question, don’t you think?" The stranger smirks. 

Grantaire’s grin goes wide. “Then lucky for you, I’m very good at dates.”