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grantaire really won’t ever get used to enjolras being casually affectionate with him. ever.

(rly rly old wip comic-y doodle that i won’t ever redraw but it would be sad to never post it…so yeah…)

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Peggy Carter asking to see the recruitment sheets for SHIELD as soon as she’s in charge and some lower down saying “she doesn’t need to” and Peggy INSISTING.

Peggy asking why SHIELD recruits 99.9% men.

Peggy getting bullshit responses like “women just aren’t interested” or “women don’t have the necessary skills”.

Peggy Carter personally going to universities and high schools and handpicking female agents for their test scores, for their can do attitude, fuck sometimes even because they look at her the wrong way.

Peggy Carter coming down like a tonne of bricks on sexual harassment complaints and educating the fuck out of male SHIELD agents.

Peggy Carter.

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